5 tips on how to write a blog!

1 Understand your audience!

If you don’t know who your writing to, it will be impossible to create interesting content.
When writing blogs think about demographic characteristics and information such as:

  • Age
  • Language (Formal vs Slang)
  • Male/Female or both

And many more to design your blog specifically for your audience, because that is who you are writing for !
Thanks to Rachul sprung, you can view her list here.

Choose a topic that interest you!

It doesn’t matter what you write about as long as you are interested and enthusiastic about it. Because if you are interested you can share your thoughts and opinions to your audience go through different angles to get a complete story which will get them more interested in the topic, if they weren’t already
Tip form Aaron Lee Wei-Ren

3 Source

It is very important to show where you get your information from!
Not only when you are writing scientific blogs but also when you are writing casually to make sure people get credited for their work because no one likes a thief!

4 Choose a catchy title

Don’t write a too long title you want to try and hook your audience with catchy title so they will be interested in reading your blog. Good examples of this are:

Not only know who your audience is but also try to communicate with them, make your blog responsive.

  • Add a comment section to your blog, be careful here that you do moderate it to avoid hateful/spam comments!
  • Use social media, get your readers to share your blog on facebook or twitter.

This connects you with your readers and hopefully creates a long lasting relationship!



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